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A guide to SFCC’s technical programs

A guide to Get your hands on a great career … for less time and money!  The days when high school graduates could shed their caps and gowns one day and find stable, good paying jobs the

Make your nursing career happen!

Do you have a strong work ethic? Are you truly passionate about the care and well-being of others? If you answered yes, the Nursing program at State Fair Community College wants you! A career as a nurse

10 careers for the next 10 years Booming middle skill jobs

What are “middle skill” jobs? These are occupations that need workers who have more than a high-school diploma, but less than a four-year degree. While the educational training time involved is less than for many skilled fields,

Behind the badge: Preparing students for careers in Criminal Justice

Imagine. You’re in your patrol car. The radio crackles: there’s a possible armed robbery in progress at a convenience store. You get out of your car,  your weapon drawn. It’s chaotic; people are screaming and running from

Success Doesn’t Break for Summer

You’ve worked hard all year long. Keep the momentum going by enrolling in summer courses at State Fair Community College. By taking summer courses, you can build on what you’ve learned and get yourself on the fast

Making a Difference: That’s what SFCC’s education programs are all about!

If you love working with children and want to make a difference, State Fair Community College offers three excellent programs from which to choose. Setting the foundation  SFCC’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Early Childhood

Virtually Limitless Revamped networking program adds value

Computer technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. Today the Internet plays an integral role in almost everything we do, from how we communicate to how we shop, research, study, and work. Who would have imagined we’d

Nursing— Challenges and Joys Every Day

Do you have a strong work ethic? Are you truly passionate about the care and well-being of others? If you answered yes, the Nursing program at State Fair Community College wants you! A career as a nurse

Radiologic Technology: A Career with Room to Grow

SFCC’s Radiologic Technology program provides students with a pathway to success in a high-demand health care field. The program, a two-year course of study, leads to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. It enables students to

Field Research: Innovative careers in agriculture

When people hear the word “agriculture,” most usually think of jobs directly connected to farming. But the field of agriculture today offers more than 200 different, innovative career options. “Skyrocketing consumer demand for local and regional food

Green Continues to be Important Field

Renewable energy technology used to be considered the wave of the future—but now we know it’s here to stay. As the demand for emerging technologies grows, qualified technicians are a necessity. Since 2011 SFCC has offered Associate

Don’t Go It Alone: Academic advising at SFCC will keep your education on the right track

One of the most useful services State Fair Community College offers may also be one of the least understood by its students. Whether you’ve pinpointed your educational and career goals or have no clue where to begin,

The Transfer Advantage

Starting at State Fair Community College and then transferring to a four-year institution is a common strategy for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students consider the transfer route for many advantages: • Low tuition

Not so typical

If you think that most college students are fresh out of high school, young, carefree, and living at a university, you’re way behind the times. Eighty-five percent of college students today don’t fit that mold. More often,

Tips for Returning Adult Students

Changing careers in today’s economy can mean returning to college to gain new skills for the evolving marketplace. Community colleges are often the first place career changers turn for assistance. SFCC staff and faculty regularly reach out