The transfer track …brilliant!

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Taking general education courses at State Fair Community College and then transferring to a four-year school is a smart plan for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees. More and more students choose the transfer option because it is cost-effective, and community colleges are accessible.

Nearly 60 percent of SFCC students are enrolled in Associate of Arts (AA) programs designed to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Because SFCC has transfer agreements with 13 public and private universities, students can start almost any bachelor’s program here and know their courses will transfer.

The cost of attending a four-year school can be overwhelming for parents who are footing the bill and even more so for students who are paying for their education. That was the case for Morgann Gregory, a 2014 SFCC graduate who transferred to earn a teaching degree.

“The value I received from SFCC was huge,” says Gregory, who praised SFCC’s lower cost and high-quality faculty. “Since I’m paying for college, it just made sense to take the general education classes at SFCC. I saved a lot of money, and the faculty are there for the students.”

Matthew George, a 2012 SFCC graduate and a 2015 University of Central Missouri (UCM) graduate, received A+ funds that covered tuition for two years at SFCC, which resulted in tremendous savings.

“When I transferred to UCM, I quickly realized the great value I had received at SFCC,” says George. “I went from paying nearly zero at SFCC to paying $4,000 a semester at UCM to earn my bachelor’s in agricultural business—and the quality of education was just as good at SFCC.”

Community colleges also are known for easing students into the college experience, and SFCC is no exception.

“Several of my friends thought I was settling for less to go to a community college,” says Gregory. “But after they started at a four-year school and left to enroll in a two-year school, I felt even better about my choice. SFCC felt like family because the classes were small, and my instructors showed a lot of concern about my learning and success.”

Student to faculty ratio at SFCC is about 13:1 for all classes while the ratio for general education courses at most four-year public universities and colleges can be 100:1 or higher. With smaller class sizes, faculty can get to know students and monitor their progress more closely.

SFCC’s Student Success Center carefully oversees credits to ensure a seamless transfer to other schools for students completing an AA or Professional Certificate in General Education. With Student Success navigators helping students enroll in the right classes at the right time, transferring is smooth sailing.

“As a navigator, it’s my job to help students understand what services are available to them as they prepare for their future,” says Abby Tribble. “I recommend students meet with their navigators to establish semester plans and map out classes toward their AA while also meeting requirements of their chosen college or university.”

With SFCC’s affordable tuition, small class sizes, helpful instructors, and personal navigators, the transfer track is a brilliant idea for students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree and save money.

For more information on becoming a transfer student at SFCC, call the Student Success Center at (660) 530-5831 or visit

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