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StateFair_nursing_careerDo you have a strong work ethic? Are you truly passionate about the care and well-being of others? If you answered yes, the Nursing program at State Fair Community College wants you!

A career as a nurse offers job security and mobility, good pay, advancement opportunities, and diverse workplace environments. Nurses work not only in hospitals, but also in health departments, doctors’ offices, hospices, nursing homes, schools, home health, clinics, and the military. Nursing offers flexibility in employment settings and schedules and the opportunity to specialize with additional training.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 25 percent growth rate for licensed practical nursing jobs and a 19 percent growth rate for registered nursing jobs through 2022. The average growth rate for all occupations is only 11 percent, so trained nurses will be in high demand. It’s a great time to get started on the path to a rewarding and exciting future.

Access and flexibility

SFCC’s Nursing programs prepare students to become Licensed Practical Nurses after Year One and Associate Degree Nurses (RNs) after Year Two. The competency-based curriculum allows students to transition seamlessly from Year One to Year Two if they want to continue, or they can enter the workforce. Upon successful completion of the programs, students are eligible to take NCLEX licensure exams.

Because of the growing need for quality nurses in the region, SFCC offers the Practical Nursing (Year One) program in Sedalia, at the Boonslick Technical Education Center in Boonville and at the Eldon Career Center in Eldon. On the Sedalia campus, the college also offers the Practical Nursing program in a more flexible format including a three-day late afternoon and weekend schedule for students who are not able to attend classes during the day.

“It’s an exciting time to train to be a nurse because there are many options at SFCC,” says Dr. Rhonda Hutton Gann, associate dean of Nursing. “We have expanded the nursing program to our extended campuses and offer the three-day late afternoon and weekend format so students can meet their individual educational needs in a variety of ways and yet remain closer to home.”

The Associate Degree Nursing (Year Two) program is offered in Sedalia and Eldon.

Active learning

At SFCC, active learning takes place in fully multimedia classrooms equipped with SMART board™ technology and e-instruction. Students have access to a wide variety of computer software in the dedicated allied health computer lab. All courses are Web enabled using the SFCC Online learning management system. Nursing faculty either hold or are pursuing master’s degrees in nursing and bring a wide range of field experiences to the classroom.

Human Patient Simulators™ allow students to develop and improve their critical decision-making skills in a real-life setting.

This spring, the program received the newest member of its simulator family with the arrival of Lucina, a high-fidelity maternal fetal child birth simulator. Hutton Gann says Lucina, or “Lucy” for short, was added so students can experience realistic and reliable women’s health and childbirth simulation.

“Clinical experiences are dependent upon an actual female patient coming to the hospital and delivering during the day and time when students are present,” says Hutton Gann. “Instructors can use Lucy and her infant to simulate childbirth and other female specific health issues for more advanced hands-on training.”

A proven program

“Our program produces exceptional nurses,” says Hutton Gann. “We have outstanding NCLEX pass rates, and we are seen as an exemplary role model within the state by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.”

SFCC’s nursing programs have a selective admissions process and are competitive. Requirements for entry into the program include a completed SFCC application and a program application along with other requirements and prerequisite courses.

“Good candidates for the program include students who are academically well rounded with a firm understanding of anatomy and physiology,” she says. “The abilities to think critically, communicate verbally and in writing and understand different types of math are just as important.

“There is a lot of studying and hard work, but because they spend so much time together, a special bond develops among the students and with the faculty. We want them to succeed and enjoy rewarding careers.”

For a complete description of requirements and the applications, visit or contact Courtney Moon, nursing admissions and advising coordinator, at [email protected] or (660) 596-7426.

Program Locations and Start Dates

Practical Nursing (Year One)

  • Sedalia/daytime—August and January
  • Sedalia/three-day late afternoon and weekend—June*
  • Boonville at the Boonslick Technical Education Center—August
  • Eldon at the Eldon Career Center—January

Associate Degree (Year Two)

  • Sedalia—August and January
  • Eldon—January

Applications are reviewed monthly for acceptance when all requirements are met and received. Accepted students are assigned the next available seat.

*New start date pending anticipated approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing

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