Work Hard, Play Hard. Student life enhances your college experience

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Any student who thinks “there’s nothing to do at a community college,” couldn’t be more mistaken.

The environment and culture of a campus play a large role in a student’s college experience and are important accessories to every academic program. Students are drawn to colleges not only by programs, classes and faculty, but also by what they can do outside of the classroom. State Fair Community College offers many opportunities for you to find something you’re good at and enjoy.

Student Life and Development Director Steve Thomas has been developing the student life program at SFCC for the past few years and is passionate about enhancing students’ experiences. He, his staff and volunteer students offer regular events and activities in addition to more than 20 clubs and organizations.

“Five years ago, more than 1,700 students participated annually in activities,” Thomas says. “Last year, more than 5,800 students participated in activities and events. Extracurricular activities allow students to get hands-on experiences, make connections with different people, improve social skills, and develop a work ethic. At SFCC we want students to succeed beyond the classroom, and getting involved is an important part of the learning process.”

The National Center for Education Statistics claims that extracurricular activities have become as important as schoolwork in producing well-rounded, confident, successful students. The statistics also show that those who are involved and participate in some aspect tend to see themselves as part of the community, do better academically and continue their education more than those who don’t engage in campus activities.

Sophomore Sarah Young’s involvement started with her passion for agriculture and evolved to student government.

“For the past two years at SFCC, I’ve been an officer in the Agriculture Club,” Young says. “I love promoting agriculture and supporting an industry that feeds the world.”

Her time as vice president of the Student Government Association this year has broadened her experiences with diverse audiences and different cultures.

“Representing the student body is an opportunity that I would repeat a million times over,” she says. “It’s been great to represent student views and opinions to administration and be a voice for students. Being involved is a rewarding experience—you just have to take that leap of faith and aim to make a difference.”

Joining clubs and organizations can be the best way to get involved and is often the easiest way to meet people and form connections with others who share your interests. College is all about the people you meet, experiences you have and memories you make along the way.

“College is a way for students to find who they are and what they are going to do with their lives,” Thomas says. “One of the best ways to start that journey is by getting involved in clubs or organizations because it gives you an opportunity to lead and to network and work with peers, and faculty and staff.”

Get involved!

If joining an organized club isn’t something that fits your schedule or interests, there are plenty of other things to do at SFCC. Spend some downtime exploring the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art. The Parkhurst Student Commons acts as the “living room” to the campus and buzzes with activity. Students hang out there and interact with each other in a laid-back setting. The Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center houses state-of-the-art, user-friendly amenities; shoot some hoops, take a few laps around the walking track or use the Tyson Fitness Center.

SFCC’s extended campuses also offer a variety of clubs and student activities. Even if you don’t join clubs, there are enough other events happening to keep you from feeling left out.

“Each event has a different purpose; together they make up all of student life,” Thomas says. “Many students go because they get to meet people they wouldn’t normally interact with during classes. That’s a smart way to expand your network of friends.”

SFCC students have fun! 

The classroom is not the only place you can learn and develop skills, but you have to get involved in the other opportunities and activities offered to experience all the benefits of being a student. There’s always something going on at SFCC!

Campus Activities


Art exhibits, concerts and plays

Community forums

Guest lectures

Intramural sports (flag football, basketball, dodge ball)

Disability Awareness Month

Campus Activities Board (CAB) also plans special events each semester to give you a chance to socialize and relax:

Welcome Back Bash

Roadrunner Roast (fall) and Spring Fling

Movie nights

Super Bowl party

Homecoming activities

Community service activities

Clubs and Organizations

Getting involved is an important part of the college experience! Find a club or organization that fits you:

Agriculture Club

Anime Club

Art Society “V” (Art Club)

Campus Fellowship

Dental Hygiene Club

HERO (Helping Educate Regarding Orientation)

History Club

Horticulture Club

IMAGE (Improving Minority Advantages and Generating Excellence)

Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE) Criminal Justice Club

LEADD (Leadership, Education, and Advocacy for Disability as Diversity)

Literacy Club

Music Club

Nursing Club (ADN/PN)

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Punchline Players

Radiologic Technology Club

Renewable Energy Technology Club

Residence Hall Advisory Council (RHAC)

Science Club

SFCC Players (Theatre Club)

Sonography Club

Spirit Squad

Student Ambassadors

Student Government Association

Student Missouri State Teachers Association


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