Virtually Limitless Revamped networking program adds value

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Computer technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. Today the Internet plays an integral role in almost everything we do, from how we communicate to how we shop, research, study, and work.

Who would have imagined we’d have more than a million phone apps from which to choose, or that Facebook would swell to more than 1 billion users? With so many people connected to the Internet every day, employers and companies are changing the way they do business.

Job opportunities are virtually limitless if you have the right technical skill set. State Fair Community College offers a revamped Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Computer and Network Administration and three new Skills Certificates to arm you with what you need for a successful computer career: education, experience and certifications.

Andy Hoos, program coordinator and instructor, says SFCC has updated the program to boost relevancy, comply with Cisco Systems updates and offer additional training options, so students can earn specialization certificates while they work on their degrees. He advises motivated students to get an AAS degree, plus specialized certifications and then get a job.

“Most students with a two-year degree will have everything they need to make it in that career,” he says. “If you get your foot in the door, you’ll gain job experience and learn new technologies in the field. Many employers also will pay for you to get a four-year degree if you’re interested. Extra certifications that SFCC offers are recognized by industry and set you apart from your peers. Depending on your interests, special skills and willingness to relocate, you can follow your own certification track to a salary of six figures or more.”

SFCC also is partnering with area high school career centers to offer dual credit courses in some technical programs. Students could enter SFCC’s college-level programs with three to 12 hours of credit, giving them a head start on a degree.

AAS in Computer and Network Administration

Students work on current versions of software and hardware and learn the skills to be a systems administrator, IT specialist, IT manager, network administrator, or network manager. The program also prepares you for a number of certifications, including A+, Network +, Security +, CCNA, MCSA, or MCSE. The high demand for certified network administrators will continue to increase as software and hardware become more and more complex.

Also new: Skills Certificates in Enterprise Server Administration, with Server Administration and Directory Services courses plus electives from other server technologies; and Information Security, with basic network and security courses plus electives such as Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics. In fall 2015 a Skills Certificate will be offered in Storage and Virtualization, which will train students to consolidate servers to save power and increase efficiency.

For more information, contact Hoos at (660) 596-7278 or [email protected]


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