The Transfer Advantage

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Starting at State Fair Community College and then transferring to a four-year institution is a common strategy for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students consider the transfer route for many advantages:

• Low tuition

• Smaller class sizes

• Financial aid and scholarships

• Online choices

• College and university transfer agreements

• Career opportunities

Ease into the college experience

With dedicated faculty and smaller class sizes, SFCC is better at easing students into the college experience with more individualized attention.

Julie McNeal, director of SFCC’s Advising and Resource Center, recommends all students take time to meet with their advisors. “We have assessments available to help students understand their interests and talents. These can guide them in choosing a career path and possibly help in choosing a transfer institution, too,” says McNeal. “It’s a good idea to develop an educational plan in the beginning and reassess it once a semester.”

Class sizes are smaller for general education and major preparation at SFCC than at four-year institutions.

“At SFCC, the average class size is 15 students,” says McNeal. “Smaller class sizes allow for better access to teachers and more individualized attention, which translates into better learning and student success.”

A New Student Orientation and several courses for first-year students help clarify values and set academic and personal goals. These courses also help students develop critical thinking, time management, communication, organizational, and study skills.

SFCC students also have access to a web-based tool called Degree Works™ that provides academic advising, degree audit and transfer tools to help them negotiate curriculum requirements for their majors. With the guidance of faculty advisors and Degree Works™, students are better able to plan and stay on track to academic success and transfer.

Complete the basics and explore

Bachelor degree programs require that students fulfill a set of general education courses, and SFCC is a good place to earn these credits. Students can take courses and transfer credits to various Missouri public and private colleges and universities. Students who do not know what they want to major in often find a community college the best place to start. SFCC is a great place to explore career fields while paying less per credit hour than at a four-year institution.

Transfer assistance

Most community colleges, like SFCC, offer dedicated assistance to help students with the transfer process.

“SFCC’s academic advisors and faculty are familiar with four-year colleges and can help students when they’re making transfer decisions,” says McNeal. “Many of us have contacts at these colleges, and we can open the door for a student who wants to transfer there.”

Advisors from four-year universities also visit SFCC regularly, which allows students to sit down with them and develop a transfer plan.

“We have terrific working relationships with Central Methodist University (CMU) and University of Central Missouri (UCM) since many of our students choose to transfer to one or the other,” says McNeal. “CMU has advisors on the Sedalia, Clinton and Lake of the Ozarks campuses, and they visit other extended campus locations. A UCM advisor visits the Sedalia campus weekly.

“Preplanning is crucial for transferring to be seamless,” says McNeal. “The earlier a student realizes he or she wants to transfer to another school, the better.”

SFCC also hosts a Career Day and College Fair in the fall and a Grad Fair in the spring for students to learn about employment and transfer opportunities. More than 50 colleges and universities send representatives to these events to talk to students about transfer options.

Starting at SFCC and transferring is the smart way to save money and achieve academic goals. Moreover, by taking advantage of the expertise of dedicated professionals and resources, the process provides a smooth transition to a four-year institution, especially for graduates with associate degrees.

Start here. Go there.

If your desire is to earn a bachelor’s degree, then SFCC is a great place to start because of our quality programs and low tuition. SFCC works directly with many four-year schools in Missouri to ensure the college credit you earn here will transfer easily to those schools.

SFCC has formal transfer agreements with these colleges and universities, which means these schools accept college credit earned at SFCC toward the requirements for identified degrees:

Central Methodist University

Drury University

Missouri Southern State University

Missouri State University

Missouri University of Science & Technology – Rolla

Northwest Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University

University of Central Missouri

University of Missouri-Columbia

University of Missouri-Kansas City

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Additionally, SFCC has agreements with the following universities that boost transfer ease and degree attainment for students who start at SFCC.

Central Methodist University—Dual admission through SFCC; seamless transfer of Associate of Arts in Teaching and other degrees offered on ground in Sedalia, Clinton, Lake and the Ozarks, and online

Drury University—Seamless transfer of up to 88 credit hours toward various bachelor’s degrees, some of which are offered totally online

University of Central Missouri—Dual admission through SFCC; seamless transfer of Associate of Arts in Teaching; 2+2 transfer into industrial technology program

University of Missouri-Columbia—Seamless transfer of Associate of Arts in Teaching degree

For more information, visit or call the
SFCC Advising and Resource Center at (660) 530-5831.

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