Success Doesn’t Break for Summer

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You’ve worked hard all year long. Keep the momentum going by enrolling in summer courses at State Fair Community College.

By taking summer courses, you can build on what you’ve learned and get yourself on the fast track to graduation. That’s what 20-year-old Allison Wild is doing by taking an economics class online this summer at SFCC.

“Taking classes in the summer has allowed me to take fewer classes each semester while still being a full-time student,” says Wild, who is studying elementary education. “I also plan my schedule so I take harder classes in the summer. That way I can focus on them and make sure that I do well.”

In addition to staying on task, Wild will increase her chances of earning a degree. In fact, studies show that students who take classes year-round are three times more likely to graduate.

“Smart students use the summer to get a head start, keep the momentum going or catch up on degree requirements,” says Julie McNeal, SFCC’s Advising and Resource Center director. “We’re really seeing an increase in recent high school graduates enrolling in summer classes because they want to get a jump on earning their degrees. Summer classes can be shorter and often are smaller, which allows more time for discussion and asking questions.”

Summer courses at SFCC also offer a great opportunity for students who attend other colleges or universities and may be home for the summer. SFCC credits easily transfer to Missouri’s public institutions, so students can return to their home colleges in the fall with the additional credits they’ve earned at SFCC.

Whatever your goal, summer classes can help you get there faster. If you have a problem subject, taking a course in the summer can give you an edge before the hustle and bustle of fall classes. If you’re on track with your education plan, attending in summer can give you the boost you need to graduate earlier than expected.

Taking summer courses also allows you to change up your typical scenery. Wild plans to babysit, hit the pool and go on a family vacation.

“My laptop and my iPad are my best friends,” she says. “I can take them virtually anywhere and stay caught up with my coursework.”

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